Easy Trim Fenceguard

The perfect addition to polish up any chain-link fenced yard.

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Easy Trim Sample

CAD $20.00

Before Easy Trim Fenceguard
After Easy Trim Fenceguard

Uncompromising Quality & Design

Maintain a beautiful chain link fence while eliminating all weed and grass under growth at the bottom of your fence line. Easy Trim Fenceguard™ manufacturers and sells fence accessories throughout North America, designed to help individuals easily trim, snip, maintain and manage beautiful and perfectly manicured fence-lines; by offering very durable, well manufactured bottom chain link fence trim components that easily install on any chain link fence at an affordable price. Your trimmer and snipper nightmares will be no more with Easy Trim Fenceguard™!

The Easy Trim Product

Our products come in Black or White and can be customized to fit any length. Sold in 8′ segments our products are easily trimmed to fit any length of any chain link fence. All products come with matching colored Connector Clips which give the finished product a strong, flawless, seamless look and feel.

Easy to Install

You will receive in your complete package Attachment/Securing Springs that complete the installation giving the end product a solid, stable solution that is fully integrated with your chain-link fence, allowing you to maintain a beautiful fence-line, while speeding up your overall time-frame when trimming your yard.

This DIY product is easy to install and maintain, and WILL prevent debris/growth build up.

Recommended Tools

✓ Tape Measure
✓ Heavy Duty Cutting Shears, Snips or Hacksaw
✓ Standard Pliers/Needle Nose Pliers
✓ Garden shovel/Spade
(We do NOT recommend using power tools)

What Clients Say?

I wanted to send you a note, and a picture showing the install of Fence Guard around my yard. I have dogs, and on two occasions, they charge the fence at deer, turkeys, or….whatever, and their front paw slides under the fence.

Twice I’ve had ER Vet trips totaling…a LOT, plus the damage to the dog’s feet is rather severe. I still can’t believe that fence mfgs. have not tried to address the “raw” edge on a chain link fence. I know they have protectors for the top, but nothing to address the jagged dangerous bottom.

Your product is the ONLY thing I have found in doing extensive research and trying to figure out what I could “rig” up to prevent these accidents.

I know you market for aesthetics and saving trimmer line – and it does look awesome, but from a safety standpoint, I am so over the top happy!”

Dyan Swenning – Potomac, MT USA

What Clients Say?

We bought this fence guard stuff the wife found on line. We found the colour we wanted at a great price so we tried it. I was happy with the nice clean lines. It finished the fence lines perfectly. Thank u for a great product.

Cathrine and Patrick Kard, Canada

No more replacing the trimmer line!

The Easy Trim Fence Guard is a game changer. I was going through an entire spool of trim line each time I tried to trim the grass growing around my chain link fence – not anymore! It looks clean, neat, and takes approximately 10 minutes for me to get my entire yard done – and no replacing the line! Could not be happier – would recommend to everyone.

Christine Clarahan, Indiana USA

Time Saver!

Great product. Came as advertised. What used to take me 15 min to trim, I can now do in less than a minute. Would recommend this product for anyone with a chain link fence. no more stopping and starting because of your trimming line breaking on the fence. Works like a charm.

Dale Croome, Canada

Easy to Install

So easy to install. I had everything completed in no time at all. Great People. Great Service and Great Product!

Elmer Ventura, Canada

Excellent Support

Couldn’t be happier with this product! The shipping was fast and the product was exactly what I was looking for. Contacting support was quick and easy and all my questions were answered. Thanks Easy Trim.

Tim, USA

Very Affordable

Totally improved the look and maintenance of my Chain Link Fence. Very affordable and easy to install. Excellent Product!

Steve, USA

Simple Maintenance

Beautiful product! It looks great and the maintenance required to keep it looking that great is so simple. Thank You!

Aaron Ott, Canada

Easy Trim Fenceguard Welcomes Resellers and Distributors

We are offering opportunities for Resellers/Distributors across North America. Please call (403) 797-2501 Or email sales@etfenceguard.com